Cuan Mhuire Bruree

Cuan Mhuire was founded in Bruree in 1977.   It is Ireland’s largest multi-site provider of residential detoxification and treatment for persons suffering from addiction. It caters for more than 50% of all those in residential addiction treatment the country.

Cuan Mhuire caters for male and female residents who are 18 years of age and over. It has 30 detoxification beds and 100 treatment beds. It has two “Step Down” houses in Limerick city, which offer services for those who have satisfactorily completed an addiction treatment programme, who are in recovery but need further time and support before moving on to independent living.

The combined support from the JP McManus Benevolent Fund and JP McManus Pro-Am has:

  • Provided for the delivery of workshops in pottery, woodwork, computers, home economics and art;
  • Established a horticultural programme for young men in recovery from drug addiction;
  • Re-constructed stone cottages, built in 1882, which are now occupied by seven homeless men in recovery;
  • Installed solar panels and upgraded heating, plumbing and electrical systems to a very high standard;
  • Provided for a refrigerated van and a well-equipped gym.

More importantly, detoxification beds that are so scarce in this country have been increased by 15% while treatment beds have been increased by 14%. This is a huge on-going benefit for so many people in need of help. Cuan Mhuire has now three separate units – one for ladies, one for young men in recovery from drug addiction and one for men on the alcohol or gambling programme. Last, but by no means least, Cuan Mhuire has a beautiful “Recovery Walk”.

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