Limerick 2020

Limerick’s bid for European Capital of Culture in 2020 comes at a time when the local authority, academic institutions, business communities, cultural practitioners and the wider citizenship are working towards a new vision for Limerick and its future.

The Limerick 2020 bid shows ambition, pride, energy and a unified plan to harness the vibrancy seen in 2014 and to further showcase Limerick as a creative city that can drive the economic renaissance of the region.  The potential of this bid is significant as it is viewed as enhancing Limerick’s already solid reputation for innovation and education. It is widely believed that opportunities from the bid will create and further build on Limerick’s sense of pride and place and that a successful bid will develop a cultural environment that is accessible to all.

Limerick 2020 is about developing the cultural heart of the city in tandem with social and economic regeneration.  The creative pooling of energy, vision, passion and innovation is showing that together the people of Limerick are collectively united as a people, a city and​ a region.​

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