Nenagh Red Cross

Nenagh Red Cross

The Nenagh Red Cross Branch consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who provide a first aid service for events taking place in the local community. The Red Cross Service is a vital though often unseen service which facilitates the operation of festivals, sporting and community events that bring life, enjoyment and culture to towns and villages throughout Ireland. The Red Cross consists of local people using their time and skills to provide a service to the community that they live in. It is a way of “giving something back”. The most valuable resource is the members who volunteer their time and their skills in order to provide a top quality first aid service. The members do not receive any payment or compensation for their time spent on the ambulance or at training. However, they take pride in the fact that they can help and treat injured people and provide a worthwhile and honourable service.

1 Ambulance with balloons

The Nenagh Red Cross Branch provides first aid cover to events such as 10km runs, sponsored walks, athletics competitions, festivals, sporting occasions and equestrian events. It has provided first aid cover at the Terryglass festival, the Brian Boru Festival in Ballina, the Pink Ribbon walk, Pieta House walk, the Tall Ships Festival and concerts including Electric Picnic, The High Kings, Mike Denver and Jack L.  During an event, the Nenagh Red Cross Branch provides a fully equipped ambulance that is crewed by volunteers who are qualified in first aid up to the level of “Emergency First Responder” and “Emergency Medical Technician”. The Irish Red Cross provides training to enable their members to qualify for these roles. Funding has allowed for the purchase of a new ambulance.

Being part of the Red Cross, a worldwide charitable organisation, means that a member belongs to a longstanding family of people who are proactive in undertaking their civic duty and helping their fellow citizens. Being a member of the Nenagh Red Cross Branch means that volunteers belong to a sociable and friendly group of people who are bound together by the common cause of supporting their community and being there to help when injury or illness strikes.

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